Denton County Disabled Veterans

You May Qualify for a Property Tax Deduction

[50-114] Homestead Exemption (Disabled Person, Over-65, 100% Disabled Vet & More) 

[50-135] Disabled Veteran’s or Survivor’s Exemption Application (10-90% Service Connected Disabilities)

If you are either:

  • A U.S. armed forces veteran that is awarded service connected disability percentage through the Veterans Administration
  • A surviving spouse of a disabled veteran
  • A child (under 18 years of age or unmarried) of a disabled veteran

You must:

  • Be a Texas resident
  • Provide documentation from the Veteran’s Administration reflecting the percentage of the service-connected disability and the name of the surviving spouse or child (disability rating must be at least 10%)

Disabled Veteran Exemption Requirements:

  • Disabled percentage 10%-90% 
  • 50-135-Disabled Veteran Exemption Application
  • VA letter dated within the last 12 months 
  • *VA letter must state award date and percentage
  • **You may also need to include a prior VA letter stating your VA disability information

Disabled Veteran at 100% / Total and Permanent / Unemployability Requirements:

  • VA letter stating 100% T&P and/or Unemployable status
  • 50-114 for 100% disabled veteran
  • Copy of Texas state ID with the address matching the address you are applying for
  • Along with all documents needed for Disabled Veteran exemption amount as stated for 10-90%

Disabled Veteran’s Surviving Spouse Requirements:

  • VA letter stating 100% T&P and/or Unemployable status
  • Marriage license
  • Death Certificate
  • Current Texas ID stating address that application is for
  • 50-135 – for less than 100% veteran disability OR if the spouse did not reside in Texas
  • 50-114 – for 100% veteran disability exemption on Texas residence
  • VA letter addressed to surviving spouse that states the veteran’s combined service connection rating at the time of death
  • *The 100 percent disabled veteran exemption extends to a surviving spouse who was married to a disabled veteran who qualified or would have qualified for this exemption if it had been in effect at the time of the veteran’s death. To be entitled to this exemption, the surviving spouse must not have remarried; the property was the residence homestead of the surviving spouse when the veteran died; and the property remains the residence homestead of the surviving spouse.
  • **If the surviving spouse is eligible for the exemption and purchases a different property as a residence homestead, the surviving spouse is entitled to the same dollar amount of the former exemption that was last received at the former homestead. The surviving spouse cannot remarry to receive the subsequent exemption. The chief appraiser of the county in which the former residence was located must provide to the surviving spouse a written certificate so that the amount of the exemption on the subsequent qualified homestead can be determined.




Go to the VA website for a Downloadable Letter
Click here to Learn How To Generate a VA Disability Letter

Denton Veteran Services – 940-349-2950

VA Customer Service – 1-800-827-1000