Agricultural Information



Next Steps

#1.  Survey the Ag Community for their degrees of intensity and agricultural use that is generally accepted in Denton County.  If you are a landowner who currently qualifies or may be qualifying for agricultural use in the near future, please take the Ag Survey HERE. The survey will be posted for 30 days until February 3rd.  If you cannot get the survey to work online, please email, and we will email or mail it to you in a different format.


#2. Expand our Ag Advisory Board and take nominations. If you are interested in serving, please email The Ag Advisory Board meets 1-2 times a year. The Board of Directors will appoint new members at the February 24th Meeting.


#3. Compile the results from the Ag Survey and share those with the Denton County Taxing Jurisdictions and receive their feedback from February 15 - March 15.


#4. Compile all the results and take them to the new Ag Advisory Board in March for review.


#5. Post all the data received from everyone on this webpage and determine next steps at that time. 
Please note: The Texas Property Tax Code requires the Chief Appraiser to establish these guidelines. This is not subject to a Board of Directors vote. Although, in a continued effort to improve Denton CAD, this was put on the BOD agenda in December to help increase communication and transparency with the Denton County property owners. 


Current Standards can be found here  //  Proposed Guidelines can be found here


*Note:  The proposed guidelines ​are intended to help new property owners ​have an increased ​clarity and transparency ​on how to qualify for agricultural valuation, ​before purchasing a new property in Denton County.  The intention was never to remove existing exemptions. Property owners who currently qualify for agricultural valuation will continue to receive that valuation until the property changes ownership, there is a change in the use of the property, or a change in the size of the parcel triggering a reapplication for agricultural valuation​ (exceptions to the general rule will be handled on a case by case basis​)​. At no time was Denton CAD proposing a minimum of 10 acres as one of their guidelines. That was false information.